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Thumbs down Age Differences

When does an age gap in a relationship become a problem? Is a 15 year difference more trouble than it's worth?

I do appreciate the irony in asking a forum full of internet nerds this question.

He is divorced. I am not.
He does not want a family. Nor do I.
He has a good job. So do I.
He is not an alcoholic. I... Well. You know.

Despite this, it surely couldn't work. I just can't be arsed to waste my time in a doomed realtionship. If it doesn't have a chance, I'd rather continue to be a drunken whore. WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO?

Discuss. Examples from personal experience also appreciated.

Basically, the question is, should Helena settle down?
Because I need you,
Like a tick needs a tock,
Like bananas need pajamas,
Like a nun needs cock.
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