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Default Children of the Gods: Final Cut

Apparently Children Of The Gods (the first episode of stargate) has been completely recut.

I've read about the changes, they've dropped a lot of the lame dialogue, lines that didn't fit with the rest of the series, and other bad ideas, and added extended versions of more scenes, shuffled a few things around, and generally made it fit into the series better. They've redone most of the music, vfx, and a lot of the main character's dialogue using the actors. Sounds pretty awesome.

It's out on DVD and everything.

Some changes:

- Sam Carter's 'reproductive organs' line has been removed and her harshness in that scene has been toned down.
- Kawalsky's line about not knowing Jack has a son has been dropped
- The Harem scenes are dropped
- The order of the scenes where Apophis is testing women to be his wife's host have been changed a bit to make the story clearer.
- Naked Sha're; gone
- The stuff about Kawalsky getting infested with a Goa'uld is gone - I guess that will come as a surprise in the 2nd episode.
- Shots of Apophis in the gateroom at the start now indicate the Jaffa redial the gate
- Readded cut scene of dead female jaffa in infirmary
- More of the briefing before the Chulak mission, more character stuff here
- Shanks and Tapping rerecorded one scene
- Judge rerecorded all his dialogue
- More Teal'C dialogue
- New VFX of Apophis' palace
- Stargate effects redone
- That wierd glider the rings come out of has been replaced with a cargo ship
- The glider that they shoot down is now two gliders
- Replaced all the music they used from the Stargate movie

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