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Default Computer Questions Thread

Anyone got tips regarding TV tuners?

My preferred supplier is at, and they've suddenly got about 70 options available so I'm pretty fucking lost.

Currently running Intel Core 2 Q6600 on an ASUS P5K, 4gb RAM, Palit 8800GT 512mb video card (whatever that means). Vista, but I may format and go for XP 64-bit at some stage. Monitor is an Acer 19 inch widescreen LCD.

My preference had been for an internal card, but with that monster of a video card in there there's not a lot of room (especially as I may consider adding in a swish sound card down the track).

I'll want to be able to plug a VHS into it, so that I can digitize some videos, and I'll want it to capture that video at as decent a quality as I'm entitled to expect. Since I have no idea how to go about any of that, if it came with easy-to-use software I'd be happy with that (though I'm sure I can ask you guys about appropriate software later). I guess all I need are RCA inputs, yeah? Are they pretty standard?

If it's a digital tuner, will it pick up ABC2 and all the other crap that's suddenly getting pumped into our airways? If so, that'd be cool.

FM radio, that'd be cool. Remote control too. But these are optional, I guess.

So, what am I looking for here?

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