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Charlie Carter
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Default Gaters Dreams

Another thread resurrected from the old boards..

I had a very strange dream last night. I was with my grandma (now deceased) and we were getting ready for a trip to Skegness.. and Bose was coming with us, except he was all packed and ready to go, and on the phone to Avril, and I still had to pack some stuff, so I was running round in a tizz. And then me and my brother put our stuff in Bose's car, and I commented on it being green, and he told me not to post about it on Gaters because he thought that if y'all knew the colour of his car, you'd find him and he'd ever get any peace. And then we set off.
And then I woke up.

I'd blame it on cheese before bed, but I don't eat cheese.
Join us, brothers and sisters.
Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant.
Join us as we carry the duty that cannot be forsworn.
And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten..
.. and that one day, we shall join you.
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