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Question SGU: The setups we'll see pan out.... *speculation, possible spoilers*

I've been following most of the main cast on twitter (STFU), trying to glean as much info as possible about the show, and some comments were made about small, seemingly inconsequential scenes that were actually set ups for things that get addressed later in the show (basically saying, this was pretty well planned out before they event got started, and there is very little 'making it up as they go along', at least for the first season).

I want to set up this thread as a place to play a guessing game on what these will be, and how they might play out in the show later on. This is less about character plots/development and more about technology, science, translations, planetary exploration, ship functions, etc.

So, as previously mentioned:
1) the battery recharge plate.
>>> Too mundane to devote a whole 30 seconds to without further exploration later, but I can't think of what that might be. Maybe finding a stash of Ancient tech that doesn't work until they recharge it... (lame I know but grasping here..)

2) The probe thing that disengaged from the ship at the end of Air Pt 3
>>>an obvious one, I know, but hey that's what this thread is for. I have NO idea what that could be, but given that it dropped out after they left a planet with a Stargate, it could be connected. Wont have a better idea until we see it happened again and can establish a pattern.

3) The 'cargo inventory' scene in Air Pt 2 (I think?), describing exactly what they had on hand - limited food, other random things... Combined with the scene in Darkness talking about how much water they have
>>> I think this scene will be revisited fairly soon as they take stock on what they have - and IMO, what they're about to lose (see speculation in the Darkness Discussion thread)

4) Mutiny! The gangup on Eli after the shower scene in Darkness.
>>> I see a revolution on the ship a very likely turn of events.

Well that's for starters, anyone else got anything that stuck out as being potentially significant?

Oh here's another: Alaina Huffman (TJ) 'the actress' is preggers.

Vote on who the SGU daddy will be..?? or will they hide it?
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