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Default The Great "Darkness" Discussion Thread - SGU 1x04 *spoilers*

A predictable but ultimately necessary disaster played out with just about the right amount of suspense (ie: SG1-SGA would have had, and dealt with, the same thing in a single episode) and only slightly over the top theatrics.

At least, there was a point where I was wondering if Rush had a tone of voice that was anything below 'yelling', until he had the nervous breakdown... good to see some consequence to his behaviour!

What was annoying was how 'dumb' everyone else was about the power issues. I mean, the EXACT same thing happened with Atlantis not once but TWICE, and at least most, if not all, of the people originally scheduled to go on that mission (military maybe, scientists definitely) should have known about the raising of the space city because of the power drain instigated by the arrival of humans on an 'Ancients' built space ship.

The scientists in particular should have known about the huge drain a stargate has on power reserves (or they wouldn't all be bleating for ZPMs) so why act all dumbfounded and contrary when Rush yells about it as if he was talking to a 5 year old. I could feel his frustration - but not in a 'audience sympathises with the main character in order to connect' kind of way, but a 'how stupid do you think we are' kind of way. I guess the only explanation is that it was a ploy to engage and/or inform newbie viewers of how the Ancient systems work etc, but it gave me a headache in much the same way as it did Rush (except I have a cup of coffee in front of me... haha that was a great moment).

Other than that, this was a good episode. A little less 'dire', discounting the *actual* issue at hand, and some amusing or at least just 'humanising' moments as we get introduced to some of the rest of the shipmates via the Kino (I keep thinking Keno.. and expecting to see the ball light up with the number '36' or something). You can see the foundations of a number of B plots forming, now that the initial set-up and introduction of the main cast has been dealt with.

In that sense I'm enjoying the ride, and finished the episode really wishing that there was another episode to watch right away.

Actually, that's something that I was going to mention - the fact that this is going to be a really difficult series to follow on a 'week to week' basis, given that the events happen in such a short time frame. I had to be reminded several times throughout the eppie that in the show, only a few days, if that, have actually passed.

I wonder how much of the show will play out in such a short time frame - entire season? or just the beginning? It makes it the sort of series that is *excellent* to watch on DVD (it will be nice to think I can keep up with the DVD releases of SGU better than I have been able to with SGA/SG1). I don't dislike shows that play out slowly over time - thinking about it most of the ones I watch are exactly the same) but I'm really jonesing for this series and my impatience will be evident

Other things -
Okay, so, what was Telford doing thinking he could rip Young out of Command? Was that seriously the first thing he thought of? Did the idea that if there was a means to get Young off of that ship, there actually wouldn't be any problem in the first place??? And what was he doing so wrong? okay, SNAFU for sure, but what did Telford think he could do differently other than simply beat Rush to a bloody pulp? I'm finding it hard to warm to Telford, actually, although I heart LDP. (also, DeLouise cameo FTW)

There is no way that such an advance ship could get the calculation of a slingshot manoeuvre so wrong, so my thought is that.. wait for it.. the ship is solar powered...

ROTFLOL oh I crack myself up. (okay yes me=lame)

BUT in the same way that the ship can magically detect 'what they need', there is no way that it is a mistake they're headed for the sun.

Either the 'torch recharge' scene was a lantern for the inevitable but inconsequential question of 'why don't their torches run out' OR it was setting us up with the idea that the ship ITSELF can be 'recharged'. probably through 'insert science stuff here' radiation from the red dwarf.

That brings up several questions:
1) did the ship drop from FTL deliberately or was it a coincidence they ended up near that star and
2) if they DID drop out on purpose was it with enough strength to keep the shields going for when they encroach the sun or will it be pure chance the ship, or at least the people in side, doesn't burn up on approach. Its going to mean a lot of sweaty people next episode, either way (good thing they found the shower... also, yay! for seeing a 'Lantean Shower!)

Hmm I need another coffee.

BAH delete this thread pls, unfortunate double up

can someone nuke one of these double posts?
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