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Arrow The Great "Light" Discussion Thread - SGU 1x05 *spoilers*

All I have to say for now is WTF Chloe and Scott. Did I miss something?? The ONLY indication I'd had that they'd even maybe been in the same ROOM together before was a Kino vid on the website that refers to Chloe as his girlfriend. Otherwise, that was completely out of left field and I have no idea what's going on. I mean, what about Lt James?? She's so much better for him... And Chloe hasn't left either her dad, or Eli's side, since she arrived.

Although yes, there was that one scene in Air Pt 3 when they were handholding after he got back from White Sands. Surely that can't be it..?

Anyway, we were right about the ship like we knew we would be, I LOLed that they called it 'solar power' (as I was REALLY only kidding before) when it wasn't really, at least not in the way we think of it, but still, very spiffy low fly over the molten surface.

Back story on Greer = yay. In fact he was very cool in this one, I liked his cam-confession; very powerful, I thought. I'd like to think that's something I'd say.

I don't remember anything else of the episode, will need to re-watch.

so, what's gonna happen next ep?
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